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Monday, 2 May 2016

American Presidential Elections 2016: Can The Republican Donald Trump Win? What if he Becomes The President?

The US Media and Donald Trump's rise

Donal Trump
Donal Trump | Source
American election has always invoked a global interest. This time, it even has a man, who himself is globally interesting. Although he is said to be press made, he actually is a 'one statement' man - 'We will temporarily block the entry of immigrant Muslims'. While businessmen seeking sales in a crowd is known, reporters don't seem to be much different. As a symbiotic use, while reporters saw an odd speaker and a crowd puller, the odd speaker saw media exposure. This symbiosis would make him the most talked about man in the US - in both the traditional and social media.

Despite Millennia of Oppression, Why Did Not The Lower Caste And The Untouchables Revolt Against The Indian Upper Caste?

Human Being's Reaction to Oppression

Man Evolved From Apes
Cartoon of Darwin Source
As the evolutionists say, all of us have a survivalist instinct in us. We do anything to get food. Extending that instinct to the propagation of genes, we do odd things for sex too. And when society is brought in, social dignity is desired by all of us - almost at any cost. The concept of secrecy that is diluted to privacy which maintains our prestige is there, for all of us to see!

The French Revolution
The French Revolution Source
When people are suppressed, nearly all of these instincts are hampered. And when that happens, people resent and oppose the oppressors. But then, we are very complex animals and are not easily understood. The guiding principle, however, is 'man is what he thinks'.

Sunday, 8 February 2015

Indian Elections 2014 - A Hindu Revolution: What Made the Hindus Seek a Revolution, like the Iranians?

he Three Part Series on Hindu Revolution

(BJP/Modi won the Indian elections 2014. Though the global philosophers haven't said so, in a 3-part series this author argues that the change is a Hindu Revolution. While the first part argued why it was a Hindu Revolution (HR), strengthening the case this second part argues why the Hindus felt that the HR was necessary. The yet to be published third part will argue, whether the world needs to fear the revolution, like the Iranian Islamic Revolution)

Hindu God Bishnu

HIndu God Bishnu
HIndu God Bishnu